How modular school buildings can benefit your school

SPONSORED: Craig Riley, Managing Director at Green Modular, discusses sustainable school buildings

What will your school look like in twenty years’ time? One of the main challenges for many independent schools lies in property maintenance and development; it’s a specialist field requiring knowledge, planning and forethought, but one that has an immediate impact on your school’s facilities, learning environment, capacity and finances. If you’re short on space or wish to offer specialist classrooms for extra-curricular activities, your building projects need to be managed well to ensure that they are sustainable in the long term.

Modular school buildings

Whether you need more space for a growing roll of pupils or you are focusing on improving the facilities available, modular buildings often provide an ideal solution for independent schools. Quick to complete but guaranteed to last at least 50 years, these low-cost, pre-fabricated school classrooms can be installed over the school holidays to minimise noise and disruption to school life. Made from the highest quality, sustainable materials, today’s luxury modular classrooms are comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities with a modern, good looking appearance.

In addition to the project-related practicalities, there’s good evidence that modular classrooms add value to schools in other ways:

More space for your growing school. If you are planning to expand, modular classrooms can accommodate extra classes. Building on school grounds rather than extending existing buildings can help you to get the best possible usage out of the space available, at a fraction of the expense and effort.

  • Flexibility for your changing needs
    Create a multifunctional school building that serves more than one purpose. This type of building can change with your needs, offering sustainability into the future.
  • Effective learning environments
    Modular school buildings are purpose-built to meet the needs of teachers and pupils, offering a comfortable environment with all the facilities required for a positive and fulfilling education.
  • Environmentally friendly buildings
    Sustainable in all senses of the word, modular buildings are crafted from exceptionally eco-friendly materials, and built with minimal impact on the environment.
  • A source of income
    Schools can save money with modular classrooms, and could even use them as income generators, by renting them out for evening classes or meetings outside school hours. It’s a smart move with sustainability at its heart, guaranteeing an income for a school decades into the future.

Using the space

What could you do with the space afforded by an extra modular building? There’s no limit to the possibilities on offer; ideas might include:

  • Extra classroom space, with easy access to the school grounds for outdoor learning
  • School meeting room
  • Music faculty building
  • School canteen
  • Gym or PE space
  • Staff room and PPA space
  • School office
  • Storage space
  • SEN centre
  • ELSA room

If you can’t decide on just one function for your space, you could opt for a flexible, modular school outbuilding like the one we built at St Catherine’s Prep School. However you choose to use your extra modular building, you can be sure it will be a sustainable, long-term space-saving solution for your school.

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