Lights out to fuel green campaign flame

Sussex school pursues green endeavours to promote environmental sustainability, including textiles recycling and electricity caps

Farlington School has relaunched their textiles recycling scheme through Bags of Support, a local company which collects re-useable clothes, bedding and soft toys from the School’s recycling collection container. High quality items are sent directly to the Glodeni orphanage in Romania; other items are sold and distributed in Romania to people who cannot afford to buy new clothing. As well as raising money – now in excess of £1000 – the scheme also helps reduce landfill waste.

The school has involved itself with many environmental projects. To raise awareness of energy usage, Farlington took part in Switch-Off Fortnight 2013 last November. Deliberately timed for the start of the darker, colder months, when more heating and lighting are naturally used, it was a school-wide project.

In terms of conservation, girls in Year 7 have constructed a bug mansion from hay, bamboo, flowerpots, and bricks, which stands by the school lake. Bee and butterfly-friendly flowers have been planted to encourage wildlife.

Farlington’s governing council has set an ambitious target of reducing fossil fuel consumption by 20% over the next five years. A survey of potential renewable energy projects has been commissioned and, as a result, the school will have a new biomass boiler system from September 2014.

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