Little Monsters invade Loretto

Pupils from Loretto Junior School have set up their own business making a range of plastic monsters and trump cards

Normally the reserve of teenage students, Year 7 pupils at Loretto Junior School have been learning all about the intricacies of business plans and economics by launching their own ‘Monsters’ business and making a tidy packet in profit in the process.

Materials were sourced by the team’s procurement officer, and accountants were chosen and dispatched to the Head’s office to secure a start-up loan. Production facilities were set up in the school’s greenhouse and the team churned out up to a hundred monsters a week. The young entrepreneurs were struggling to keep up with demand in their innovative business enterprise.

The 11- and 12-year-olds conducted market research, sourced materials, handmade and sold over 400 monsters all over the course of a few weeks.

Loretto Junior School Year 7 teacher, Jack Jackman commented: ‘As the profits start to mount, the pupils next challenge will be to decide what to do with all the money!’

Jonathan Hewat, director of external affairs at Loretto School, added: ‘In these days of austerity and at a time when many businesses are finding the going difficult, it was a real testament to the children that this business was so successful. Their infectious enthusiasm, determination and attention to detail paid off and they learned a great deal and had such fun along the way! ‘



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