More than a display device?

Aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance, the interactive flat panel is rapidly becoming the preferred display solution in UK schools

Since the launch of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) almost 20 years ago, the technology has been used to enhance teaching and learning environments from the front of the classroom, by facilitating interaction using a large format display connected to a computer.

Fast forward to 2016 and the slimmer profile, more aesthetically pleasing and lower maintenance interactive flat panel is rapidly becoming the preferred display solution in UK schools.

However, an advanced interactive flat panel solution, more specifically Promethean’s ActivPanel – is actually capable of much more – and here’s why: 

  • Learning in the moment – with ‘instant whiteboarding’, teachers can easily encourage classroom interaction and collaboration without the need to connect to a computer. Respond to learning ‘in the moment’ and capture discussion as it happens.
  • Facilitating collaboration and BYOD – promoting peer assessment and collaboration has never been easier. The ActivPanel allows teachers to wirelessly mirror content from the ActivPanel to student devices and vice-versa.

  • Access powerful education content with a click – with access to thousands of Apps direct from the ActivPanel, teachers can access their preferred educational applications and download the content easily and wirelessly.
  • Wi-Fi when you need it – with the ever increasing importance of internet within schools, the ActivPanel can provide a valuable Wi-Fi hotspot. Supporting up to 5 devices, as well as simplifying connectivity, in some cases this can also reduce the overall cost of Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Technology exactly how you want it – whether the ActivPanel is used for specific subjects, years or teachers, the system can be completely customised to suit the required specification.
  • Create bitesize learning opportunities – with the capabilities of being able to connect third party devices and applications, the ActivPanel can support the increasing trend for “digital snacking”, helping teachers to deliver learning in smaller chunks.

So whether you are looking to upgrade existing IWB technology or tasked with the complete overhaul of an ICT estate, when considering interactive flat panels the new technology must be evaluated as more than a display device. Instead, specifications need to designed in the wider school infrastructure and the modern ways in which teaching harnesses the use of technology.

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