Opening doors to reading

Bramcote Junior School has refurbished its library with the aid of a tree of knowledge, a wise owl, a Green Man and a sprite

Supported by the Friends of Scarborough College, Bramcote Junior School’s rejuvenated library was officially opened by the college’s headmistress Mrs Nixon as part of the school’s World Book Day celebrations.

“I have been an English teacher throughout my career, and one of the greatest gifts you will receive at school is the opportunity to read,” she told the children. “It is a wonderful way to lose yourself in adventures and strange, new worlds. It has been wonderful to see our junior pupils dressed as their favourite characters and talking passionately and knowledgably about a vast collection of books which they have all enjoyed reading.’

Mr Davey, headmaster of Bramcote Junior School, said: “In a technological age where toddlers learn how to use tablets before they can read, it is wonderful to open a library which offers our children a safe haven from the modern world where they can immerse themselves in literature, in the old-fashioned way.”

“Many thanks must also go to the Friends of Scarborough College for their help with this project,” added Jenny Robinson, Scarborough College librarian. “The library has been given a new lease of life with a beautiful reading tree created by our resident joiner Jon Rewcroft, plus new shelves, seating areas and many new books. We hope that these new improvements will help create confident, enthusiastic readers and engage children in life-long learning.”

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