Pabulum celebrates a year of fresh food

The Pabulum Catering team celebrates the year’s achievements and aim to reduce sugar intake next year

Pabulum’s recent Meet 2015 event set out the school caterer’s targets for the future, including a plan to reduce granular white sugar intake across the company by over 50%.

This challenge is being headed up by Pabulum’s Development Chefs, as Executive Development Chef, Jacks Sykes explained: “We already produce fresh meals on site and from scratch; however we want to develop the food culture within our teams as well as amongst our customers, to help them understand and learn about “better” food choices. We will be doing this in a number of ways and our commitment to reducing granular white sugar is just one new initiative we are working on. We aim to be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and wellbeing. By reducing sugar intake in this way we will help to achieve a reduction in diabetes and tooth decay of under 16s in the years ahead.”

 The day also saw Pabulum pledge to continue promoting the freshness, quality and provenance of the food on their school menus. Purchasing Manager, Nicola Freeman explained: “This year we are continuing to take groups of pupils out onto farms to show them the provenance of our food. It is imperative that our customers understand that the food they are eating has been carefully selected to ensure it meets our standards for fresh and sustainably sourced produce.”


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