Photo Finish: Disneyland

Upper sixth students marked the end of their Reigate Grammar School careers in a fabulous Disney-themed fairground fun day.

The papers and social media buzzed with tales of schools where police had been called to deal with troublesome students, or where teachers fear how students will behave on Leavers’ Day. 

However, this is not the case at Reigate Grammar School, as it is one of the best days of the school year for staff and all of the students.

 The whole school, consisting of nearly 900 pupils, enjoyed a break from lessons with dodgems, an inflatable slide, ice cream, and a delicious lunchtime barbeque. Every year group joined in with events including mock light sabre battles from Jedi warriors in the Disney theme, a full range of Incredibles and Toy Story characters, charity football and netball matches, comedy sketches and moving musical performances from Italian opera to modern pop. 

 Headteacher Shaun Fenton said: “It was a fantastic day that summed up our ethos to promote fun – to help our students be happy, healthy and high achieving. The fact that the staff spent the day wearing Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears still makes me smile. 

We all enjoyed it. This year’s leavers have achieved fantastic things academically and in sports and the arts and all the other activities we enjoy at the school. We always say that we fit the academic work in amongst the other important parts of a great education and, well, the ice creams were enjoyed by one-and-all.” 


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