Read all about it! Portland Place School launches newspaper

The publication, named the Portland Placer, has been published to help celebrate the school’s 21st anniversary

Portland Place School is celebrating the launch of its school newspaper, the Portland Placer, in recognition of the school’s 21st anniversary. 

Following weeks of preparations from the newly-appointed editorial team and graphic designer, the inaugural issue of the student-led title has been published. Sixth form student Relly Warner spent time outside of her studies to coordinate the styling, layout and design of the publication, whilst budding-journalists from Year 10 produced content. 

In its special first edition, the newspaper consists of articles from students discussing current affairs; a feature covering the approach to two years of GCSE; and an exclusive interview with the headmaster. For educational entertainment, it also features a range of puzzles, including sudoku and problem-solving. 

To commend the school’s significant coming of age, the newspaper opens with a series of anecdotes from Portland Place staff members describing their favourite school memories. 

Following the success of its launch, the school will host a writing club allowing pupils of all ages throughout the school to express their thoughts, opinions and creativity with their own news or feature pieces.   

Lauren O’Donnell, Head of English, said: “The most important thing is that the students are provided with a platform to write about things that are interesting and important to them, both within the life of the school and in the wider world. Our students have really relished this opportunity, and we hope that the newspaper will continue to grow and attract engagement from all over the school.”


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