Squadkit: Sport never goes out of style

Sponsored: School sportswear is changing and Squadkit is at the forefront of the activewear evolution

It’s a disappointing conclusion: women are less likely to take part in sport than men. According to Sport England, two million fewer women play sport regularly than men aged 14 to 40, and yet 75% of them would like to be more active.

With girls dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys before adulthood, it is increasingly apparent that something needs to be done to encourage girls back into sports and exercise. With self-consciousness and low self-esteem being two of several factors which can negatively influence girls’ participation in sports, it is more important than ever to develop quality, comfortable sportswear that girls feel good in.

In the past, women’s and girls’ activewear was often based on men’s sports apparel, just in smaller sizes; inevitably, the fit could be unflattering and uninspiring. Thankfully, things have changed; as the ‘athleisure’ trend has taken hold in recent years, we are seeing fashion influence activewear to create technical, high-performance products tailored to women. Now, this trend is making its way into school sportswear.

Squadkit has listened to what girls want to create the ‘Fitness Kit’, a range of fashionable, high-performance products that not only incorporate school uniform standards, but also are in keeping with the school brand. Better still, Fitness Kit garments are suitable for several different sports – saving our customers money in the long run.

Responding to the increasing number of schools which are introducing gym and fitness into the sports curriculum, the range includes an innovative, flattering T-shirt made from breathable fabrics, and new running shorts featuring a dual fabric design. But perhaps the favourite garment from the range is the fitness legging. Taking inspiration from the movement of wearing yoga pants both in and out of the gym, the Squadkit design team has worked to create a multi-purpose garment ideal for any form of training.

Tailoring designed to fit adolescent girls, a deep waistband, and high-performance fabrics form a flattering garment that makes girls look the part. The leggings are warm enough to wear outside as well as indoors, making them truly versatile and multi-purpose. The highly technical product features a moisture wicking inside layer, and a smooth, friction-minimising upper surface. The result is a product which will keep girls warm, dry and comfortable so that they can perform at their best – without compromising on style.

Too often, functional garments look uninspiring in appearance, while design-led garments may fall short of the physical and technical requirements. With the fitness legging exceeding standards on all fronts, we hope to inspire girls to get back outside and active again. As the ‘activewear as fashion’ trend shows no sign of declining in popularity, Squadkit’s design team looks forward to continuing to work in conjunction with Schoolblazer and international athletes, using its expertise in sourcing cutting-edge fabrics which deliver high-performance products: leading the way in school sports.




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