Three is the magic number

Dulwich Prep London boys’ school is one of the latest schools to join the T3 Ping Pong revolution

Their acquisition of two T3 outdoor tables is proving very popular as pupils line up for their turn. Luckily, since the table can accommodate up to 12 players at once, they’re not waiting for long.

T3 Ping Pong is 3-a-side (or 6-a-side table tennis). It follows similar rules to the traditional game, but is played on a specially designed circular table with three or six players on each team. The distinctive round table and specially constructed net are the foundations of a game which is fast, fun and highly addictive. Imagine the spectacular rallies that are possible with 12 players round one table!

The tables are proving to be a huge hit among schools across the UK. They are ideal for large groups of children with itchy feet as they never have to wait too long until it’s their turn. And there’s plenty of choice in the T3 range with options for playing indoors and outdoors.

The indoor tables are available in three sizes to meet age and space requirements and they can also double as desks or activity areas. T3 Ping Pong is passionate about introducing children of all ages to the game. It’s easy to play, inclusive and offers a level playing field that brings out the best in supportive interaction. Without realising it and in no time at all, students are able to challenge and stretch themselves, including those with SEN or disabilities.

‘There are several variants of game rules including our favourite, Chaos Theory, with 6 players per side and 2 balls. Ping pong has never been this fun,’ said Nicky Carter, Assistant Head, Dulwich Prep London Lower School. The pupils love the T3 action; the tables there are a focal point of weekly P.E. lessons and lunchtime games.

At T3 Ping Pong, they believe that physical activity should shape the daily lives of every child.

Visit today to find out about the game, the rules and how your school could benefit from having a T3 Ping Pong table.

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