Westfield School puts STEM subjects centre stage

Westfield School is helping to shift the gender imbalance in STEM by encouraging girls to have an interest in the specialist subjects from a young age

Westfield School runs a dynamic science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum year-round, and annually dedicates a week to celebrate STEM.

Leading the school’s drive to give girls the confidence to pursue traditionally male-dominated subjects and careers are junior house science coordinator Karen Meeson and mathematics teacher and STEM coordinator Fiona Swift.  

“Nationally there is no denying that women are underrepresented in STEM, and schools have an opportunity to engage young girls in these subjects to help inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and beyond,” said Karen. 

The school’s junior house pupils from as young as three years old explored all areas of STEM, enjoying guest visits and experiments.

Technology enthusiast ‘Technology Tom’ taught the youngsters how to craft land yachts and cams in a workshop showing the components needed to make a moving mechanism. Hui Yan, a development engineer from Soil Machine Dynamics, held a question and answer session followed by a design masterclass to create an underwater vehicle.

Additionally, pupils became rocket scientists investigating streamlining during blast-off, and mastering the correct mixture to form a fuel, before working in groups to build capsules to transport eggs without them breaking during touchdown after being launched.

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