Wilde for the Olympics?

Sixteen-year-old Queen’s College, Taunton, pupil Rebecca Wilde has won over 300 swimming medals -€“ but she wants more

Rebecca’s proudest medals among her impressive haul are those from the National Youth Championships, UK School Games, English Schools and Southern Zonals. “I am particularly motivated by events that attract the strongest competitors, and where I have to compete hardest,” Rebecca reflects. “My short-term goals are to qualify for the Commonwealth Games and to achieve success in the National events – my ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics, but there’s a long way to go before that!”

Rebecca attributes her success to a passion for swimming, a healthy diet and positive mental preparation. “I try to eat correctly – mostly carbohydrates and alkaline-rich foods. On race days I visualise my events in the mornings and just before I compete, so I am both psychologically and physically prepared.”

“Balancing school work can also be challenging, but Queen’s College gives me a lot of support and the successes make the sacrifices worth it. I have also learnt to overcome failures and difficulties, such as glandular fever, which made me stronger and more motivated.’

“This outstanding success reflects Rebecca’s drive and determination to compete at international level,” adds Headmaster Chris Alcock. ‘We wish her every success.”

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