Woldingham School found to be ‘excellent’

Pupils are ‘ambitious learners, eager to make progress, highly articulate and reflect the strong family and spiritual ethos of the school’

Woldingham School has been awarded ‘excellent’ in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The inspectors found that:‘Woldingham School is highly successful in meeting its aims of developing confident and compassionate young women and achieving academic success.’

The school’s academic standing was noted, particularly in comparison to the wider independent school sector over the most recent three-year period: ‘performance at GCSE and A level has been well above the national average for maintained schools.’

There was significant praise for the positive attitude to learning that is fostered: ‘Pupils are enthusiastic and determined learners, willing to take risks. They demonstrate a determined sense of purpose.’

Inspectors also found that: ‘The pupils demonstrate excellent levels of empathy and tolerance towards others, respecting and valuing diversity. They show a genuine appreciation of how kindness makes for a better, family-orientated community. Pupils demonstrate an excellent understanding that individual success is not the only factor in their development and that co-operation can result in better outcomes for all.’

The inspectors felt that this was an excellent grounding for life beyond Woldingham, with pupils ‘well prepared to face the challenges of living and working in modern Britain’.

Involvement in sport was recognised both for achievement and team-spirit: ‘Pupils enjoy the challenge of competitive sport and show support for each other in the team and individual events.’

Talent, confidence and participation in the arts was also noted, with both parents and pupils believing ‘that these opportunities greatly enhance pupils’ achievement’.

Headmistress, Mrs Alex Hutchinson, said: “The inspection report is a glowing commendation of our wonderful school and testament to the endeavour, resilience and kindness that our pupils demonstrate day in day out. I am delighted that the ability, commitment and success of our community have been recognised and am so proud that the inspectors understood the family-spirit that makes Woldingham so distinctive.”


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