World War One in a matchbox

Abingdon schoolboys have created an exhibition of matchbox artworks in memory of those who fought in the First World War

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, third-year pupils at Abingdon School have been working to a historical brief in their art lessons this term. Each student was given a plain, small, white matchbox with which to create a theme and record his own reflections on the First World War.

Drawings, collages, prints, paintings and little sculptures were created from images relating to the war and boys used a range of materials including grass, mud and wire. The students researched relevant material using inspiration from historical books, The Imperial War Museum, the internet and Abingdon School’s First World War archive collection.

Toby Rowles, aged 13 from Abingdon, who took part in the project said: “I have enjoyed working on the matchbox project and doing it has also helped me to learn a lot about the First World War in the process.”

James Chung, aged 13 from Donnington, added: “Working on the matchboxes over the past couple of weeks was really fun! It was nice to try some new things out, like making my own poppies and making a collage. Looking at my finished piece, I’m very happy at how it came out.”

Freddie Fleck, aged 13 from Hungerford, said: “Medics were a big part of World War One, they helped thousands of people go home and potentially see their family’s again this is why I made my matchbox about them.”

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