The current challenges being faced by independent schools

Susan Hardwick, director of marketing at Gabbitas, believes independent schools will thrive even against obstacles

Some of the challenges that are facing independent schools currently revolve around the ongoing political debates being discussed as possible future government policy. Will a Labour government close all private schools, or will they impose punitive taxes that will price these schools out of the reach of middle-class families looking for the best education for their children?

With no conclusions at hand it is hard to determine the future but it is probably safe to say that the reality will not be as bad as the diatribe and there is a long way to go before such dramatic actions are likely to be taken, if at all. The independent sector, as far as we can see, remains resilient to such challenges and is aware of the very positive benefits it brings to the economy and to the communities in which the schools operate.

Our British independent sector remains the envy of the world. It is still the blueprint for schools setting up overseas

The other potential challenge is, of course, Brexit and although this has had an impact on many businesses, it has not had a dramatic effect on our independent schools, which continue to attract students from overseas – both from within the EU and much further afield. The falling pound has made studying in the UK an even more attractive proposition with some overseas families even offering to pay five years’ fees up front.

Our British independent sector remains the envy of the world. It is still the blueprint for schools setting up overseas.

Gabbitas has been placing children in this sector for close to 150 years and, unsurprisingly, is a strong supporter of the many merits that UK independent schools offer parents with students of wide-ranging interests and abilities.

Great education is never achieved by sinking towards the lowest common denominator and we are confident as trusted education consultants that the British independent schools we work closely with will continue to not only survive but thrive, given the appetite that has never been stronger for our younger generations to enjoy the very best opportunities.

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