Sherborne’s sixth form offer

Rob Marston, the school’s assistant head (sixth form), explains both what pupils can expect and what is expected of them

You could say we reverse engineer our offer to pupils, depending on their hopes and aspirations upon leaving school. We help boys discern what they want to achieve, then ensure the building blocks are in place for them to get there. With a number of bursaries and scholarships available, we’re attentive to the particular needs of every pupil.

A number of our boys go onto Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, and our academic standards reflect that aspiration. But that is by no means the only route they follow. Some go to prestigious art colleges, others enter industry with top-flight employers, and others choose to pursue creative careers as writers, actors, musicians and entrepreneurs.

Alongside our academic prowess, we have an extraordinarily varied cocurricular offer. This encompasses sport, music and drama, art, and a variety of societies and clubs. A sixth-form boy could be fly-fishing one day then representing the school on the fives court the next. In between, he may well have sung in the chapel choir, practised for a house play, or enjoyed a social gathering with pupils from Sherborne Girls.

Our close partnership with Sherborne Girls brings the social opportunities of a coeducational setting along with the benefits of single-sex teaching, so it is the best of both worlds.

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Sherborne’s HE and careers department plays an important role in helping pupils work out what they want to do after school, supporting with UCAS or job applications, or year-out arrangements.

Our sixth formers know that they are being prepared for their lives beyond school. At the same time, we expect them to set an example for their younger peers and take leadership responsibility within Sherborne’s structures, ensuring they have a fitting ending to their time with us. It can be a busy and occasionally challenging period, so our pastoral care system ensures boys are given all the support they need to thrive.

All of which answers the question of what Sherborne regards as a good sixth form experience: a world of opportunity and responsibility, held together by a genuine commitment to every pupil’s success.

A sixth form tour morning is being held on 12 October. Contact or call 01935 810 403 for further information.

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