Alternative investments are the key to our future – are you in?

Sponsored: Tracy Shand, author of Boardingology, asks if not now, when?

Forty-ish and sent to my room!

Never thought I would see that day. What about you? Coronavirus put everyone in a situation that we have never seen before and all of us have had a unique experience that has affected us both personally and professionally. Now that we are taking small steps towards a new normal, it is time to move from isolation to I-solution. By taking one action and adding in a space, you can lead the way in alternative investments to move you and your community forward.


You have a solution to help and inspire someone that you may never meet. You are not the same person as when the virus closed the door to the normal routines of your life. So, what is the I-solution that you can use now?

No opportunity wasted

What have you all learned from the past few months? Draw a quadrant and measure the impact of what has happened.

How can you use this information to act to help your community stay well and competitive? Use the word, get the Post-it notes and go!

Network of wellbeing

What has helped you? What do you need to start and stop when schools go back to be the best version of yourself? How can you create and support a wellbeing network for everyone in your community to be their best?

New original works

Sadly, schools in our sector are closing. It is time to innovate or evaporate. Innovation is key and comes from what if and what else? Go to the grassroots, set up focus groups, now more than ever embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

You have a one-time chance now to change the way your community invests to move forward. Are you
ready to embrace alternative investments? It is time to share and care.

Just be human.


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