Helping schools to take action when it comes to food waste

Food Waste Action Week 2022 takes place from 7 March – 13 March and has the aim of raising awareness regarding the environmental consequences of wasting our food, on a global scale

As part of WRAP’s ‘Love food, hate waste’ initiative this week aims to inspire activities that help to reduce the amount of food we all waste and as specialists in food procurement for the independent education sector, allmanhall are getting involved!

allmanhall can provide insight and help educate about the impact possible by reducing food waste at your school and some practicable solutions to help make that happen…

Did you know around a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted? One of the UN Sustainable Development goals is to half global food waste by 2030 and doing so would add a 1/5th to the world’s total food supply. Coming closer to home, in Europe, up to 20% of all produced food is wasted. Incredibly, eliminating household and catering food waste in Europe and the Americas alone would add 10% to the world’s food supply. This is at a time when we are faced with the challenge of feeding a growing population. Whilst wastage in low-income countries tend to be post-harvest waste, in developed countries, consumer and foodservice waste is highest. This is where school catering can play a role…

Reducing waste provides a major opportunity to make food more sustainable and economically efficient. Reducing food waste isn’t just good for the planet – it’s vital for school’s budgets too. With food inflation what it is at the moment, this is yet another motivation to change behaviour and help to reduce waste.

For inspiration regarding making the most of food that would otherwise be wasted, take a look at this recipe.

If you’re interested in understanding more about food waste, or about how your school can take actions through its catering operations to reduce food waste, why not have a read of some of these articles.

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