Is your classroom technology safe?

Sponsored: The global pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of safety and healthcare in the classroom. BenQ explores the new technologies safeguarding and creating healthy learning environments for teachers and students alike

Over 1.6 billion children globally found themselves unexpectedly studying from home this year. Teaching methods were transformed overnight and everyone became increasingly reliant on technology.

As the gradual return to face-to-face learning begins, obtaining ClassroomCare™ is at the fore for many academics, but what can you do to protect your classroom?

Antibacterial digital display technology

Interactive touchscreens are now commonly found in the classroom, but with concerns over cross-contamination and incorrect cleaning practices, the convenience of using the touch function becomes less appealing. Therefore, using a screen with an integrated antibacterial surface is imperative to reduce the spread of germs.

Germs can live on the surface of glass for up to 10 days and, if left, can result in the spread of disease. To reduce or kill germs, silver nano-ionic particles, similarly found in surgical face masks, food containers, water filters and medical devices, are embedded into the screen surface to break down and absorb any germs on the display.

Very few technology manufacturers in the world are incorporating a nano-silver process into their products as it requires extensive testing and a unique process to guarantee the longevity of the formula.

BenQ has been developing a proprietary process since 2017 which is certified against the two most common types of bacteria found in education environments: E coli and S aureus. Releasing the third generation of its TUV-certified antibacterial technology this year, it is a fail-safe solution for protecting the wellbeing of students and teachers.

Eye-Care technologies

Being overexposed to blue light from extended periods of screen time has been proven to cause macular degeneration, as too much exposure causes damage to the light sensitive cells in the eye’s macula.

In addition to this, flickering occurs in displays 5.8 millon times across a standard eight-hour working day, impacting learning and productivity by leaving students feeling fatigued with headaches or blurred vision. Furthermore, brightness levels and ambient light can cause strain on the eyes.

It’s important to consider low blue light, flicker-free and brightness-intelligent technologies when choosing your screen. BenQ incorporates its Eye-Care solution, which encapsulates all of these technologies into its displays to reduce the exposure and provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

Whiteboarding and collaboration apps

Whiteboarding and collaboration apps enrich the creation of learning materials and facilitate the collaboration process.

By putting more emphasis on how teachers and students use technology to interact with each other, as well as the devices themselves, new and safe teaching techniques can be formed.

Over the past few years, there has been a huge uptake in the installation of smart technology platforms in education, as well as the introduction of personal devices for student use. Interactive flat panels with integrated Android and smart projectors now enable students to present work from their devices directly to the screen, without leaving their seats.

The widely successful software permitting students to securely connect to the in-class technology is the InstaShare app from BenQ. Easily downloadable, the app’s simple user interface lets students share content and annotate from any personal device directly onto the main screen, and dial into lessons remotely for distance-learning students.

Reshaping the learning landscape, the inclusive platform is opening opportunities for more vulnerable students who may otherwise be reluctant to participate.

As our education landscape redefines itself daily, it’s important to use the available technology to our advantage to protect the wellbeing of the classroom. BenQ is at the forefront of the education technology market, with a multitude of classroom-enriching solutions which combine hardware and software to instantly transform the learning environment.

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