Managing your economy of futures starts from the heart

Sponsored: Tracy Shand, founder of Boardingology, highlights the role of wellbeing in strategic planning

As the pandemic continues, it is true to say that 2021 will continue to be the year of transition in the independent sector. A transition that has accelerated change as schools continue to pivot to meet the challenges and opportunities to lead the shift from survive to thrive. Whatever the rest of the year holds, there are three investment themes that can form part of your strategic planning for 2021 and beyond.

Traditionally, investment in our sector has concentrated on capital investment in development projects to provide a unique experience or upgrade in facilities.

However, you can have the most amazing facilities in the world, but the real economy of your school is based on three words: just add human. It has served you well during the pandemic, so let’s look now at three ways for you to serve, share and care.

What do you need to adopt, abandon and adapt to support investing in the future of your school? What is your balance to build on for wellbeing and security?

Get some paper. List them all out. Add them to your development planning and pivot!

Personal investments are key – wellbeing does have an ‘i’ in it you know! As we prepare for new standards for psychological safety in the workplace from July, the time is right to look at personal wellbeing plans for all. How can you achieve this? What would this look like? One size does not fit all.

Mutual funds of positivity create growth for your community. Did you know that one of your top investments is free? Call the bursar now!

It is about the power of conversation and time. Each member of staff has knowledge and experience that they can share. How can you leverage this for success?

Invest wisely leader, it is time to write a new chapter for you and your school. But remember, invest in yourself first or growth will not happen. Start your economy of kindness one act at a time; your future self will thank you for it.


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