Rising concerns: teachers call for total surface protection

Sponsored: Corona Busters presents a solution for effective protection against Covid-19 in schools

With the education sector reopening there are rising concerns that not enough has been done to ensure the health and safety of teachers re-entering the workplace.

In response many are now calling for long-lasting total surface protection to be mandated on all education sites. The technology works by creating an antimicrobial/antivirus coating on all surfaces including tables, desks, chairs, door handles, walls and even fabrics. It is already being successfully deployed now in parts of the NHS. The coating last for over five months and is effective against coronavirus.

As the COVID-19 virus is spread through airborne inhalation and surface contamination, this solution helps to remove one of the two ways it can be spread, significantly reducing infections and saving lives.

The current government rules only require enhanced cleaning on key touch points, which many argue does not come close to providing proper protection and, of course, relies on people remembering to do it. We already know from the health sector that some of the most contaminated areas on large sites are the walls in corridors and staircases. These are not categorised as touch points and so are not cleaned regularly. This is a big mistake and a huge flaw in the current plans to reopen safely.

When an infected person coughs or sneezes onto these surfaces the virus remains active for up to three days. As people pass each other they brush up against these surfaces contaminating themselves and further spreading the virus. As the sector is reopens, we are potentially heading for an avoidable disaster.

With such a high concentration of people, social distancing will be hard to maintain, large education sites will quickly become contaminated and infection rates will rise. This not only poses a risk to teachers, students and staff but also the wider community. As more people become infected or even just have their clothes and school bags contaminated, they will take the virus home with them putting their extended families at risk. This is of particular concern for those living with or caring for elderly relatives or those in the high-risk category.

We are putting a case together to present to the Department for Education calling for this solution to be implemented now across the education sector

One company at the forefront of providing this solution is Corona Busters Ltd (part of the Ideal Response Group) who have already been providing COVID-19 decontamination services and long-lasting total surface protection solutions for the NHS.

CEO and co-founder Wahid Ahmed explains: “When the rules for the safe reopen of the sector were being decided, conventional cleaning of all surfaces was deemed to be both time and cost prohibitive even though it would be more effective. This solution now overcomes both problems. As only one application is required to provide five months of total surface protection, this saves both time and money while providing the highest level of certified protection.”

“The Government has stated that its approach towards COVID-19 will be science-led. We are putting a case together to present to the Department for Education calling for this solution to be implemented now across the education sector.”

A recently leaked scientific report by SAGE suggests that as many as 85,000 people could die this winter in a second wave. This solution could not have come at a better time and should immediately be deployed now.

To their credit, some leading educational institutions are already taking the initiative and opting now to have this implemented, irrespective of whatever decision the Government will make as they correctly see that any way to reduce infection rates will save lives. Many, however, are reluctant to spend additional money, even though the solution is cost-effective and the benefits are clear, because it is not yet a government requirement.

If you are a headteacher and want to have total surface protection at your independent school, as it is not currently mandated by the Government you need to act now and speak up to demand it.

All institutions have a legal duty to ensure a safe work environment. Stand up for your rights and demand long-lasting total surface protection in your workplace.

Independent Education Today,University Business and Corona Busters hosted a live panel discussion with Q&A on Wednesday 16th September.

Watch on-demand here


For more details about this solution, visit www.corona-busters.co.uk

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