Strengths-based coaching: the movement transforming schools

Sponsored: Julie Keyes, founder of The Educational Coach, explains the benefits of implementing an effective coaching culture

There’s a revolution in progress. Those that have fully committed to embedding a quality coaching programme across their school are already enjoying the benefits. Speak to any one of the schools currently being supported by The Educational Coach and they’ll tell you how coaching is helping them to improve leadership, support emotional wellbeing, and transform the quality of teaching and learning.

And whilst we’ve been championing the advantages for many months, recently released scientific evidence and detailed meta-analysis has now added weight to the value of employing a school coach. If you’re on board, you get it – and we’ll continue to support your whole school development. But for those yet to utilise the expertise of a school coach, let me tell you a little more.

A recent study by Matthew Kraft, David Blazer and Dylan Hogan examined the effects of teacher coaching programmes on student achievement. Their findings indicated an overwhelmingly positive impact on student performance, with coaching being singled out as exceeding other improvement strategies.

At The Educational Coach, we believe that establishing well-placed support structures helps your staff to discover their full potential and provides tangible academic improvement.

Coaching is about finding the best version of any individual. It carefully unlocks the talent within you and your entire staff body, equipping individuals with the confidence needed to flourish in their environment. Our unique model centres around strengths-based coaching. For those new to the programme, this may seem like an odd approach.

Shifting the spotlight from our weaknesses to our strengths allows us to develop both personally and professionally

Why would we focus on the areas in which you already excel? Shouldn’t we be exploring weaknesses and identifying ways in which these can be improved? The short answer: no.

Tom Rath, author of Wellbeing: Five Essential Elements, writes, “When we build on our strengths and daily successes – instead of focusing on failures – we simply learn more.” And that sums up our strengths-based coaching model. Shifting the spotlight from our weaknesses to our strengths allows us to develop both personally and professionally. Our strengths are our assets, and this is where the focus should lie.

At The Educational Coach, we use our vast coaching experience to plan and deliver bespoke programmes. Our courses vary from 1:1 leadership coaching to whole school INSET, and we specialise in introducing the tools required for implementing a culture of coaching across your school. And to guarantee professionalism and expertise, all of our coaches are accredited by professional bodies.

On a personal level, I passionately believe in coaching for all. From NQTs to executive heads, coaching has a place for every single person within your organisation. We are all entitled to access the provision we need to stride forward in our pursuit of excellence.

In keeping with this ethos, and to keep coaching surprisingly affordable, our entire service range is implemented virtually. From 1:1 sessions to whole school training, our online delivery allows us to have an impact on schools and staff, regardless of your location.

But don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the feedback from those we are already helping. A recent survey canvassing schools currently undertaking a coaching programme with The Educational Coach discovered that 100% of participants found the coaching experience to be “valuable” with 91% seeing “improvement” in their ability to lead.

William Goldsmith, headmaster at St George’s Windsor, and vice-chair of the Independent Association of Prep Schools, echoes this sentiment: “We have been so fortunate to have the expertise and passion of The Educational Coach working with our school. The collaborative approach with staff has empowered the teachers. As a school we have definitely seen the benefits.”

The coaching movement is transforming schools and we want you to be a part of it. To have a conversation about how we can kickstart your journey, get in touch.



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