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O’Neills is the one-stop solution

One of the many strengths offered by Irish-based O’Neills Sportswear is a top-end service for schools going on tour.

Kingswood School, Bath and King’s Bruton have been long-term customers of O’Neills and both toured South Africa last summer. They were both delighted with the kit they received.

Kingswood School’s director of sport, Tim Reeman, is always full of praise for O’Neills’ efforts.

Kingswood School, Bath

He says: “When you have a tour group numbering 80+ it can be a nightmare dealing with tour kit. O’Neills provide sizing samples and an advisory service on kit-sizing day, which really works and provides the tour party with kit that actually fits!

“Every item is personalised with initials and we look terrific. The stock gear we order and teamwear is with us in four weeks, and even bespoke items are with us in six weeks, so no long-term waits or worries.

“The O’Neills regional sales reps and the admin staff do a superb job, helping me to get everything right.”

What O’Neills provide to King’s is always high-quality and delivered well ahead of schedule

Henry Eriksson led the King’s Bruton tour to South Africa ending the school’s 500th year anniversary on a high note.

Eriksson says: “The O’Neills tour kit was another success with everyone loving all their new kit. What O’Neills provide to King’s is always high-quality and delivered well ahead of schedule. Any school going on such a tour would find it hard to match their service.”

King’s Bruton’s tour of South Africa
King’s Bruton’s tour of South Africa

How does O’Neills make your tour happen?

  Agree requirements

  Tour sizing session

  Set delivery date

  Meet expectations!

Contact Peter Kennedy on 01458 448 414 or to find out how to book your tour kit with O’Neills.

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