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Top marks for educational spaces

Scotts of Thrapston discusses how their timber buildings can provide a variety of cost-effective solutions

Posted by Rianna Newman | August 24, 2017 | Facilities & buildings

As independent schools look to build new, modern classrooms there is also a need for aesthetically pleasing cricket and sports pavilions.

Scotts of Thrapston, a joinery company with 97 years’ experience, creates these architecturally designed timber buildings to provide many establishments with a sustainable, cost-effective and low-maintenance solution.

A world of endless opportunities 

As well as buildings for educational purposes, Scotts specialises in the design and creation of the finest pavilions and clubhouses. The bespoke nature of Scotts pavilions means they are adaptable and versatile to suit any purpose. 

Whether it be a new changing room or somewhere for sports teams to relax after a game, each project is tailored to meet the exact requirements specified and constructed to the highest of standards. 

Scotts has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of sports pavilions and timber leisure buildings to suit the school environment.  The Scotts team works closely with schools, throughout the process, ensuring they get exactly what they want, within budget.

An education in timber frame

Scotts combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to provide schools with bespoke educational buildings. They are designed to make the best use of the space available and to provide optimum energy efficiency.

The company firmly believes that the ideal learning environment begins with a building that inspires and motivates by its architectural form. Pupils need to feel comfortable in their environment in order to achieve their full potential and be able to access educational resources effectively and safely.

The Scotts design service takes into account all elements of the building design including light, ventilation, thermal comfort and acoustics. The right amount of light, both artificial and natural, is crucial.  Advice is given on door and window positions based on a building’s orientation allowing for plenty of ventilation, making it more pleasant to be indoors.  

Space is also a huge consideration and a standout feature of Scotts’ sustainable buildings. Not only do the buildings meet government guidelines for adequate internal floor area, but the spaciousness offered by the volume of the rooms sets the buildings apart from alternative structures. 

The beauty of Scotts’ education buildings is that they can be completely tailored to suit the proposed setting and will be designed to precisely meet the individual school’s specification. Buildings also cater for any special needs requirements, accessibility issues or existing structures that need to be taken into consideration.

Meeting individual requirements 

Another aspect to existing school buildings which Scotts sees as important is the doors and windows. Whether for a new build or the renovation of an existing school structure, Scotts can supply bespoke timber doors and windows to architecturally match the surrounding features of the building.

A window has the capability to give the impression of a larger space and creates buildings which are more airy, open and naturally lit. They are carefully designed to fit the exterior and interior theme of the building whilst being functional to enable ease of opening and to increase ventilation and cool classrooms naturally. 

A door is no longer just a means of entering and exiting a room. Due to an increasing amount of legislation being introduced to ensure doors meet acoustic, fire standards and disabled individuals’ needs, Scotts places great emphasis on carefully selecting a door specific to each space. 

Scotts of Thrapston can provide a multitude of products, from  classrooms to  windows and doors, for any independent school looking for either an addition to existing buildings or planning a refurbishment project. With affordable pricing and short lead times, Scotts offers the perfect solution for any school.  

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