Historic charity responsible for three independent schools revamps brand

Founded in the 16th century, the Croydon-based Whitgift Foundation is changing its name, logo and approach to community engagement

A historic charity responsible for running three independent schools – Old Palace of John Whitgift, Trinity and Whitgift schools – has undergone a change of both name and logo.

The Whitgift Foundation, founded in the 16th century, will henceforth be known as the John Whitgift Foundation. After 423 years, the charity said it is changing its name “to reflect a firm commitment to the vision of the charity’s founder, Archbishop John Whitgift”.

A new video explains the work of the charity following the re-brand  

Land and assets belonging to Whitgift were set aside to generate income for the local community.

To that end, besides its three independent schools – in which 48% of students receive help with fees, one of the largest bursary schemes in the country – the charity’s work includes supporting thousands of the borough’s unpaid carers and caring for hundreds of older people.

Land and assets belonging to John Whitgift were set aside to generate income for the local community

Projects include tackling old-age loneliness and social isolation, and a new education programme – Capturing Croydon – for local primary schools.

New community engagement initiatives are also being developed as part of the foundation’s rebranding.

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