Immersive learning with the Vuze 360 3D VR Camera

Sponsored: HumanEyes explains why their Vuze cameras are the perfect solution for schools keen to inspire pupils with the latest technology

Looking for the newest and latest creative ways to engage with students and keep them entertained, yet informed, can be hard. Students can often be easily distracted and maintaining their interest can be difficult. Taking pupils out of the classroom and immersing them in a new experience is a great way to keep them engaged but sometimes this comes at a heavy financial cost. The world of VR is the perfect solution for this. Using VR headsets, students can delve into a whole new experience, discover new places and even watch their own footage all whilst in the safety of the classroom.

VR is fast becoming the must-have tech for all storytelling faculties, from art to drama to science. There are a whole host of VR videos now available including tours of cities, natural wonders, museums and exhibitions from all over the world. There are also videos that offer experiences such as scuba diving, flying in the cockpit of a plane and building a car. Allowing students to see this footage through a VR headset provides an immersive, inspiring and unforgettable learning experience.

VR cameras can also be used internally. By providing a unique opportunity to record and watch back lessons, teachers and staff can experience the class from the pupil’s perspective. This footage can be used to improve teaching methods, review teaching performances and also provide new parents with an idea of what the school offers. Prospective parents will be able to take a tour of the school online and see all the facilities available before deciding whether to enrol their child.

The footage can also help to put new students at ease, allowing them to experience their first steps into the school from home, making them feel more confident when the day finally arrives. Starting a new school at any age can be a daunting experience so offering the unique ability of being able to see what the average day will be like would be very comforting and reassuring.

To unlock the true potential of this technology, students need to become the creators of their own footage. Encouraging pupils to get behind the lens and explore their creativity would allow for expression and engagement. Students would be able to record their experiences, from birthday parties to football matches, or develop their own films. They could then be shared with the class to show what they have been up to and inspire their friends.

The Vuze camera from HumanEyes allows schools to perform a whole host of creative tasks. From filming to editing and viewing, all that’s needed is a Vuze camera, your computer and headset. With 4K resolution and eight camera lenses combining to create a 3D, VR experience for around £1,000 and in a small form factor, Vuze is the perfect answer for those in search of professional results on a limited budget. Editing VR videos is traditionally a difficult and time-consuming process, however, HumanEyes has made this incredibly straightforward thanks to the Vuze VR Studio, a powerful but easy-to-use editing suite which is included with all Vuze cameras.

The cutting-edge technology in Vuze cameras also enables events to be broadcast live to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope, allowing schools from around the world to share live performances and events.

VR is set to be the next technology to revolutionise teaching and learning in the classroom thanks to its significant benefits for teachers, students and parents alike. HumanEyes, and the company’s Vuze cameras, offer the perfect solution for schools to both record, experience and inspire within the world of VR.

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