Let there be light

A private preparatory school in south London has given its formerly dark and cluttered library a makeover

Hugh Broughton Architects has completed the refurbishment of the library at Thomas’s London Day School, a family-run private preparatory school in Clapham. The refurbished library has been designed as a dynamic, playful space, with a range of reading zones and a map of CS Lewis’s Narnia across the resin floor.

Design features include a royal blue alcove with curving steps and oversized circular upholstered seats in bright pink. The librarian’s desk is constructed from 875 books set within a frame made of Hi-Macs. Low-level mobile units encourage pupils to rummage through the collection of books, while quotes above bookshelves direct young readers to classic authors.

The scheme was informed by discussions with teachers and pupils at an early stage in the design process. The school’s main ambition was to transform the existing facility into a light-filled library with the flexibility to respond to the needs of both current and future staff and pupils.


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