New cookery school for Truro

Truro School will join Leiths School of Food and Wine’s Academy programme, becoming the only Leiths Academy School in Devon and Cornwall

Truro School has announced exciting plans for a new cookery school. In addition to providing food technology as a co-curricular activity throughout the year groups, students in the lower sixth will be able to enrol on the Leiths Introductory Certificate in Food and Wine

The development is part of Truro School’s Education for Life plan to provide valuable life skills, meeting the school’s strategic objective of preparing students for the real world.

It is the intention that giving pupils the opportunity to cook will help them become better prepared for adult life.

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Truro School’s Headmaster, explained, “It is hard to overstate just how positive a move this is for Truro School. Food has a very high profile in Cornwall and all pupils need to have basic skills in food preparation and nutrition.  The opening of the Truro School Cookery School is a high-quality response to ongoing feedback from parents and pupils and will have enormous benefit for our pupils, our parents and the local community.”

Housed in a purpose-built kitchen on the main campus, the cookery school will provide a range of opportunities for students allowing them to develop into capable cooks.

Those who complete the Leiths introductory certificate are included on the ‘Leiths List’, connecting them with private clients for holiday catering, events and dinner parties and providing them with further opportunities for a gap year.

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