Old uniform sheds new light

Oundle’s Laxton Junior School sends 24 boxes of uniform to India

Twenty-four big boxes full of recently retired uniform are finding a new home in Kolkata, India.   

It started at a ‘Parents and Friends’ meeting at Laxton Junior where Clare, a parent, was concerned that she had three children’s worth of blazers, shirts, dresses, bags and blouses in her loft and knew many other families were in the same situation.  It seemed such a waste and Clare wanted to find these clothes a new home.  

The next few months were spent searching for a recipient for the uniforms, contacting many of the UK’s leading charities.

Luckily another parent, Vikash Jayaswal, had found the perfect place for the uniform to be sent – New Light in India www.newlightindia.org. The organisation focuses on allowing the children of sex workers in Kolkata (formally Calcutta) to enjoy a safe and healthy childhood and prepare them for a brighter future, where they can expect to lead productive lives. They do this through healthcare, nutrition and education. The school felt privileged to be able to make a small contribution to this very worthy cause. 

Another parent organised the passage to India, at no cost, through his contacts in the shipping industry. At the time of writing, shipment is still awaiting customs clearance in Kolkata docks, but the children at New Light are very excited to receive their new uniforms.


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