Shooting for the stars

Buckswood student wins Sussex Helice Championship two years in a row and wins Bronze at European Championships

Buckswood student and Clay Pigeon Captain, Charles Pomfret, aged 17, has won the Sussex Under 21 Helice Championship for the second year in a row. Charles has also just returned from the European Championships where he and his GB teammates took Bronze position. 

Charles says of the little-known sport: “I first came across Helice in May 2014, when I purchased a new gun. I went to ‘a have a go’ day at the Invicta Shooting Ground in Tonbridge and realised I was very good and had a talent! Helice is similar to Clay Pigeon shooting, but in Helice you have to be far more accurate as you have to shoot a central white disc out of an orange casing, that is being propelled through the air and you have to shoot it within a set perimeter – which all gets very interesting when the wind blows! The target is similar in size and shape to Clays, apart from the Helice having a set of propellers and being made of plastic. I have been doing for four years at Buckswood School where I shoot every weekend.”

Charles has represented his country at the World Cup before and hopes to go on to a university where he can continue his shooting career after Buckswood.    

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