The October issue of IE is out!

In our special uniform issue, Karis Copp looks at how sustainability and gender neutrality are impacting school uniforms, and David Burgess from the Schoolwear Association discusses changing uniform guidelines

A note from the editor…

School uniform hits the headlines regularly and it’s often not positive, with schools’ different policies sometimes causing upset or frustration. Now, schools are being encouraged to offer gender-neutral options, with many already doing so. With the issue of gender increasingly prevalent in society, so it’s no wonder it’s become important in schools.

This puts the ball in the court of the uniform manufacturers – and Karis Copp has spoken to Stevensons and Perry Uniform in her in-depth feature on page 45. They delve straight into the issues and detail what practical steps they have taken to resolve conflict, for example, changing packaging to reflect a gender neutral perspective.

Of course, another issue with any garment is its impact on the environment, but manufacturers are confident that environmentally-friendly materials will start to become more readily available.

David Burgess, chair of the Schoolwear Association, says support for uniform remains resolute on page 30, and that in spite of tabloid media pressure, the traditional blazer and tie approach works.

Think back to your school days – did you like your uniform? Did it ease stress, or was it restricting? How do you, and your pupils, feel about the uniform in your current school? Get in touch at with your opinions.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Jo Golding

Editor of Independent Education Today

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