Top visitors to Bromley High School

Bromley High School in Kent welcomed some recent illustrious visitors to school

It was a huge privilege to welcome Sir Colin Blakemore, Terry Waite and Dr Mary Baker to Bromley High School. 

Dr Mary Baker described Sir Colin as the best neuroscientist in Europe. The University of Oxford’s Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience and London University’s Professor of Philosophy and Neuroscience duly demonstrated his passion for a subject on the frontiers of undiscovered science by speaking in a way which was accessible even to those with no scientific background, elaborating on the concept of neuroplasticity.

Terry Waite CBE discussed his work as a hostage negotiator and his experience as a hostage for five years in Beirut, much of which spent in solitary confinement in the dark. His role in establishing the charity Hostage UK in 2004 was an inspiring example of a humanitarian response to appalling personal adversity.

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