Toyota dream car campaign inspires next generation
Global art contest for children crowdsources and amplifies ideas for future inventors
Posted by Stephanie Broad | August 13, 2015 | International
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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) have announced the finalists of the ninth Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, a competition which invited children from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars. 

Artwork from across the world will be showcased on a dedicated campaign site with a focus not just on the art, but the idea behind each creation. 

The contest aims to not only connect children across the world to share their ideas, but provide a deeper, more tangible understanding of the ideas that are born from various social issues affecting the world.

Since 2004, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has been conducted as part of TMC’s social contribution initiative. It gives children under 15 years old throughout the world the opportunity to develop an interest in cars and helps them feel the joy and importance of having a dream. 

To dig deep into the essence of children’s ideas, TMC partnered with creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo to design the campaign. The dedicated ‘Dream Car Collection’ site will house the best 93 dream car drawings and will be re-animated and brought to life via animation and ‘characters’.

New content will be uploaded everyday onto the site until August 25, including the “Handicap-friendly Cleaning Car” and “the Toyota Arctic Car”.

Since the inception of the contest, children around the world have depicted their car ideas based on societal, environmental, political, local and global issues affecting their lives.

The 'Flying Toyota Cars' design

Markets around the world such as Vietnam and Thailand have even applied the art contest to their own educational curriculum. The contest has cultivated a culture of innovation and solution-based ideas, and the result has been a massive influx of new entries from various countries every year. 

Through Toyota’s thirst for innovation and dedication to craftsmanship, children around the world will have a chance to make their dreams come true through art and creativity. 

Susumu Matsuda, General Manager, Marketing Division at Toyota commented: “The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is not merely a contest, but a chance for children around the world to share and showcase their innovative ideas for a car. Through the Dream Car Collection, we hope to break down the art and amplify the essence of the idea that inspired it. 

“We are thrilled that over 80 countries around the world have taken an interest in our contest and we hope to continue to grow the number of entries as we continue hosting the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.”

 In the spring of 2015, 93 works of art were selected from 81 countries and regions. Thirty World Winners plus their parents or guardians will receive a trip to Japan to participate in an awards ceremony in August 26 2015 during which four additional awards will be announced per age category: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Best Finalist.