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Special need for suitable toilets

New figures show that schools and other education providers need to accommodate pupils with special needs more than ever

Posted by Nick Valentine | May 28, 2015 | Facilities & buildings

Today, almost 1.5 million pupils in all levels of education have special needs and there are growing numbers of disabled learners entering higher education in particular. Under the Department for Education’s own standard specifications for school toilets, pupils with special educational needs and disabilities must have suitable toilets, which they can get to and use easily, and schools should include a hygiene room.

Disabled toilet provider Clos-o-Mat has drawn up a free-to-download CAD for a school hygiene room. The CAD is the first of its kind available and ensures any new such project is the correct minimum size and contains the right equipment, as laid down in DfE guidelines. 

The online facilities have resulted from Clos-o-Mat’s growing expertise in the provision of hygiene rooms in primary, secondary and tertiary education; the company is now one of the biggest suppliers to the sector, thank to its flexibility and provision to individual requirements, be it design advice, supply, installation, commissioning or complete project management. 

“There is growing demand from education providers for inclusion of a hygiene room – but confusion over what exactly is needed,” observes Kelvin Grimes, Clos-o-Mat’s dedicated hygiene rooms and Changing Places project manager. “Hygiene rooms are, in essence, Changing Places-assisted, wheelchair-accessible toilets that are not open to the public. We have completed so many successful projects in both sectors that we know the key requirements and most practical options for each client’s budget, space etc. Thus we can give a coherent service that will deliver the optimum best value for immediate needs, and future-proof the room for other pupils thereafter.”

The hygiene room CAD is complemented on Clos-o-Mat’s website ( by a raft of tools including white papers on accessible school toilet provision, and hygiene rooms, a video and individual product details, specifications and 2D and 3D design drawings.

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