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The December issue of Independent Education Today is here!

What are your thoughts about 2017? Discover what independent school headteachers think about the past 12 months in the latest issue

Posted by Lucinda Reid | November 16, 2017 | Events


The December issue will always be special to me. This time last year I was nervously pressing send on my first issue as editor. Now, 15 magazines later, and although the nerves still haven’t disappeared, I feel excitement at sending a magazine to press that contains so much thought and passion about the education sector.

This month, we have all been reflecting on 2017 and headteachers share their thoughts on page 15. It has definitely had its ups and downs, but I think there is much to celebrate. Recently, I attended a Westminster Education Forum seminar about independent schools and the message was clear: “We should be very proud of what we do.” Hopefully by reading this magazine it will be clear why.

At the same event they touched on the Al-Hijrah School ruling and Ofsted urged schools not to panic. On page 30, VWV explains what happened and how it could impact independent schools, whilst on page 32, John Hind shares his personal perspective, which is very thought-provoking. Independent schools refuse to shy away from important issues and I hope to reflect this in the pages of this magazine.

Thank you for sharing your past 12 months with Independent Education Today, I’ll see you in 2018 for more lively discussions and exciting news.


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