Falcons School for Girls Engage in STEM Subjects

The Falcons School for Girls welcomed high profile guests during a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) week

Two STEM ambassadors including, Cyril Molony, the engineer who helped to design the first MRI scanner, and Paul Winter a highly knowledgeable brain scientist who developed a drug to treat migraines, held workshops for pupils in years three to six. The Head of Mathematics at St Paul’s School, Andrew Ashworth Jones, also visited to give pupils some brain teasers and to set them a frog-themed maths challenge.

A range of other activities were also organised to engage and challenge the pupils’ thinking in relation to the importance of STEM. The purpose of the whole week was to provide a fantastic opportunity for pupils and staff to recognise and appreciate the invaluable role that STEM has played in shaping the world in which we currently live.

Activities included a trip to The Science Museum to watch an IMAX presentation of “A Beautiful Planet” in 3D. The girls also enjoyed a workshop with the Happy Puzzle Company. They each solved complex puzzles which helped to improve their problem-solving skills and taught them how to work effectively in a team.

During their session with the STEM ambassadors the girls became scientists for the day. Mr Molony helped the pupils think like engineers by showing them how to measure angles on circles accurately to produce some amazing Newton discs.

Mr Winter also gave the girls some incredible information about the human brain and how it works in many mysterious ways. He encouraged a career in neuroscience and gave examples of women he knew personally who have had remarkable success in this field.

It is essential that we ingrain the importance of STEM subjects into young girls. Hopefully some of them will be encouraged to pursue the sciences in the future.

The fantastic week was rounded off with a special STEM assembly which was run by the year 5 pupils. Certificates were given to the girls who really shone throughout the week.

Headmistress Mrs Sophia Ashworth Jones, commented: “It was a wonderful week which was exceptionally informative and entertaining. The girls have been very lucky to have met such esteemed guests and have some great trips and experiences.

“They were incredibly impressive on the tasks which were set and it is essential that we ingrain the importance of STEM subjects into young girls. Hopefully some of them will be encouraged to pursue the sciences in the future.”

The Falcons School for Girls is one of London’s leading Independent Preparatory Schools and is part of the prestigious Alpha Plus Group. It comprises of four Edwardian houses within the leafy conservation area Woodborough Road, Putney.

The school offers an optimal learning environment and has specialist facilities for science, mathematics, art, drama and dance. Leadership can be seen at every level of the school, contributing to a cherishing and challenging culture.

Creativity is at the heart of The Falcons School for Girls and teachers are able to adapt the delivery of the curriculum to reflect every girl’s individual learning needs. The school also works closely with the parents during the education process and each girl is prepared for entry into the senior school which best meets their learning needs and future development.

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