Millfield schools exceed £73m in GDP contributions

£38m was contributed to the Mendip area in 2017/18

Millfield and Millfield Prep surpassed £73m in contributions to UK gross domestic product (GDP), with £38m contributed to the Mendip area in 2017/18.

Equating to 2% of GDP for the whole of the Mendip area, Millfield schools have a long association with the local community and are active members of Somerset and the South West region. Through educational and community partnerships and providing employment, the schools support the local economy and open up cultural events and the use of their facilities to the public.

From the archive: Former British tennis number one, Andrew Castle, talks candidly about his time at Millfield, falling in love, and the Wimbledon moment he’ll never forget:
I still thank God that I went [to Millfield] as it was a fantastic opportunity. The facilities enabled me to play tennis and if I hadn’t gone there, how many hours would I have played a week? I don’t know
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In recent years Millfield has developed strong relationships with both staff and pupils at local state schools including Elmhurst Junior and St Dunstan’s through art, music and sport projects. It has also expanded the established volunteering programmes in the local area including activities with organisations such as Shapwick Moor, Street Harvest, Southlawns Care Home, South West Volunteers and Cheddar Vale Gateway Club. In addition, Millfield welcomes local teachers to join its teacher training programme.

Headmaster Gavin Horgan said: “Millfield has always been an active member of the local area and we are proud to be both a leading employer and a keen participator in community and educational partnerships.

Gavin Horgan

“Our work on a local and national level seeks to promote accessibility and collaboration at all levels and I look forward to expanding our relationships still further in the future and encourage everyone across the country to do the same. Together we can make a difference.”

An infographic released by the school shows figures such as Millfield delivering 1,800 jobs in the community, putting on 80+ music, drama and dance productions open to the public every academic year and raising £26,000+ annually for charity.

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