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Aball1 is an innovative education concept using number and letter balls to combine physical activity with academic and social learning

Challenging the traditional concept of stationary (or sedentary) classes, Aball1 stimulates pupils by using a game-based approach to teach and solve both physical and theoretical tasks.

Sedentary behaviours and children’s fitness continue to be a huge concern for government, academics, physicians and the general public; Aball1 tackles both, taking elements of popular sports such as athletics, football, bowling and biathlon with low-level competition to bring to life English and maths lessons. Aball1 can also be used to teach other subjects. For example, Right to Play and the Red Cross have used Aball1 games to teach health education.

Based on a popular and proven method of kinesthetic learning, Aball1’s concept utilises a set of 50 balls: 25 red and 25 blue. Each ball has a letter and a number printed on it, A-Z and 0-9, which turns them into objects which can be used for teaching, incorporating movement and academic learning so that pupils remain both engaged and active at the same time.

With more than 200 games (the new resources comprehensively support academic progression through KS1 and KS2 maths), Aball1 supports learning objectives across the national curriculum, improving the development of students both inside and outside the classroom. The easy to implement games can be incorporated into any lesson plan and can be used for children of all ages and abilities.

“One of our main goals is to get children more active, more often,” says Gladiator Education (Aball 1) managing director Kieran Nokes. “Aball1 encourages students to thoughtfully engage with each other, the teacher and the task, all whilst having fun.”

Not only is Aball1 a fun teaching method, the sessions create an inclusive environment with opportunities for every participant to practice teamwork, developing ‘soft skills’ such as communication, critical thinking and empathy as well as self-esteem and a real sense of achievement.

Aball1 is used with over 135,000 pupils in the UK, Norway, DR Congo, Sierra Leone and Pakistan and can be adapted for any country in almost any language.

Aball1 E: Kieran.Nokes@aball1.com T: 07500 870019 W: www.aball1.com Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @aball1official

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