The benefits of sports scholarships

Clifton College’s sports scholars have commented on the independent school’s ‘incredible’ facilities and the support they have been given

Clifton College’s sports scholars have commented on the benefits of their scholarships in helping them towards their goals of playing sport professionally.

Andrew Wagstaff, director of sport at Clifton College, said: “Sport scholars at Clifton are given the opportunity to develop their talent, fitness and skill set through a performance sports programme.

“Within this programme they are able to train with other committed pupils and improve on sport specific strength and conditioning as well as sport specific skills and fitness.

“They have access to a sport physiotherapist for any injury concerns or rehabilitation and learn many skills from older role models who have proven that hard work and determination can position themselves on the performance pathway.”

Case study 1

Benjy Joseland – rugby

What was the scholarship process like?

The scholarship application process involved a written task and two days of different testing, at which we received lots of support from the different coaches at Clifton College.

What do you think of Clifton College?

I like the housing system and the amount of sporting opportunities that are available to everyone. Together, they bring a lot of social opportunities.

What difference has the scholarship made to your life?

I have been given extra training for individual sports and the gym which has hugely helped me with my sports improvement throughout the school years. We also receive guidance for diets and nutrition, for example, extra protein-based food at lunch which has aided my sporting performances.

What are your sports plans after college?

I hope to continue playing rugby at as a high of a level that I can, while still playing a variety of other sports.

Case study 2

Katie Partridge – hockey

What was the scholarship process like?

The assessment day was extremely scary for me as I had never been to one before. I had no idea of the standard of sport that would be displayed as I had never encountered a private school before. Also, coming from Wales I did not know anyone there and it seemed like everyone else did. However, once it started, I felt a lot more comfortable and really enjoyed the two-day experience.

What do you think of Clifton College?

Like I said, I had never been to a private school, so I was completely oblivious to the idea that schools had their own hockey pitches, gyms, swimming pools etc. Previously, I would only encounter a proper hockey pitch at club training and matches. The facilities here are incredible and extremely helpful to competitive athletes like me, who look to constantly improve their sport.

What are your sports plans after college? 

I really want to play hockey professionally for countless reasons. An obvious one would be that I find it really enjoyable and rewarding. It is also great for mental wellbeing, health and fitness. But more importantly, I really love the community that surrounds hockey and I love working in a team because I think success is so much more enjoyable when it is shared between friends. Also, I love to challenge myself and push my limits to always be developing as a person and this is a great challenge.

The closing date for sports scholarship applications is Friday 15 November.

For more information and to apply, visit:

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