The Jan/Feb issue of IE is out!

In this issue: why the arts should be an essential part of education for every child, teacher wellbeing, urban boarding and how to run an international summer school

David Ruebain, chief executive officer of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, said in an article for The Guardian in May 2019: “Performing arts education – along with low-paid but essential professions such as nursing, teaching and caring – has been repeatedly undermined by the government’s reductive narrative that equates a degree’s value with its graduates’ earnings.”

I believe, along with Ruebain and I’m sure many of our readers, that how much a person earns in a particular field should not be a factor in how much funding that sector gets. We must think beyond the financial wealth of the country and more about individual passions. In our feature on page 55, Keri Beckingham reminds us of just some of the benefits of the arts, from accelerated academic development to boosted confidence. We must strive to keep creativity at the forefront of education.

Also, on page 42 we’re putting the spotlight on DLD College London. I visited the independent school back in December and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I’ve visited several boarding schools during my time as editor, but I never imagined that a central London school, right next to the Houses of Parliament, could operate a boarding school in such an efficient way. It was fascinating to see.

For now, sit back and enjoy our first issue of 2020. I hope you have a fantastic year!

Jo Golding

Editor of Independent Education Today

Some highlights…

School spotlight on DLD College London: page 42


Interview with Emma Russo, South Hampstead High School’s director of STEM: page 66


St George’s Weybridge’s new activity centre: page 19
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