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EcoPure Waters is helping educational establishments to reduce their waste, shrink costs and improve sustainability

Filtered water, pure and simple

We talk to Paul Proctor, Managing Director of EcoPure Waters, about how caterers are producing their own-brand bottled water

Posted by Stephanie Broad | August 30, 2016 | Catering & hospitality

How can you really help schools to improve their water provision?

We’re helping caterers across the world to eliminate expensive, environmentally damaging bought-in bottled water from their operations, helping them reduce their waste, shrink costs and improve their sustainability.  

Many independent schools and educational establishments benefit from EcoPure Waters’ systems, including Stowe, Westminster, Roedean, Warwick and Ryde School and 30 of the colleges at Oxford University. In addition, many leading hotel groups, corporate customers, restaurants and contract caterers are also finding that instead of costing more to take the ‘sustainable’ option, it’s actually costing them less. 

What are the real benefits of the EcoPure Waters’ system for schools?

Our in-house filtration systems supply chilled drinking water, still and sparkling, on demand which brings a number of benefits for schools. For water drinkers it means they enjoy great-tasting, pure clear water which is a pleasure in itself. For the school, the systems are economical, helping to save costs; the method is environmentally-friendly, enhancing your sustainability when compared to using bought-in bottled water; and the concept gives you a chance to promote your own brand.   

Just how cost effective is it?

A still and sparkling water system can be designed and fully installed, with free bottles, dishwasher trays and carry-crates, for less than £4.50 a day (including regular servicing and full parts replacement cover). So, if you spend more than this on bought-in bottled water - around eight to 10 litres daily - then money is saved from the start. 

And, it’s not just the purchase price of the bottles themselves - it’s also the financial savings of not having to order, handle, store, refrigerate and dispose of bought-in bottled water. 

How sustainable is the EcoPure Waters’ system?

Serving your own filtered mains water in your own reusable, washable glass bottles is much more sustainable than buying-in water in single-use bottles. It eliminates the energy associated with manufacturing, transporting and recycling single-use bottles, as well as the energy required to handle, store, refrigerate and dispose of these bottles, so your carbon footprint is greatly reduced. 

A filtration system also helps you reduce waste in its many forms. There is no need to buy-in, store and refrigerate expensive, environmentally-unfriendly bottled water. A limitless supply of drinking water is created on demand, so the waste associated with over-ordering or out-of-date stock is also avoided.

How can introducing the system in schools help boost branding and the school’s image?

An added benefit of using your own glass bottles is the fact that you can customise your bottles, not only to make a strong branding statement but also perhaps to incorporate a CSR message. This can help communicate to visitors, students and staff exactly what you’re doing in terms of waste management and sustainability.

How do you work with schools on installation and hygiene maintenance of the EcoPure system?

After a short site survey, our bespoke System can usually be fitted quickly and easily using existing back-of-house pipework and electrics. Systems are also hassle-free in use, particularly as they are covered by a full care and maintenance package. Pre-scheduled visits by engineers will ensure your system is kept fully serviced and upgraded to the latest specification.  

As part of our installation package, customers receive printed bottles and all the cleaning products they need to meet food hygiene regulations. We also provide on-site training for operators to make sure they understand the quick and easy cleaning routines, ensuring compliance with environmental health requirements. 

What are your future plans for new products and innovations at EcoPure Waters?

In addition to our standard built-in Systems which suit higher volume users, we have just launched a compact counter-top version. The new EcoPuro offers the same great filtration components, but is housed in a sleek and stylish housing. This offers low-volume users a refreshingly low cost for producing their own water - from around £2.75 per day. 

Telephone: 01844 290 088


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