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How to expand your school brand overseas

COBIS Seminar provides advice for British independent schools considering development

Posted by Stephanie Broad | April 02, 2016 | International

There is extensive demand for British education around the world and an increasing number of prestigious UK independent schools have established themselves with significant success abroad. According to analysis by The International School Consultancy, which has been researching the market for over twenty years, the English-medium international independent schools market is forecast to virtually double in the next ten years; from 8,231 schools today teaching 4.37 million students, to 16,000 schools teaching 8.75 million students by 2026. British independent school brands continue to seek out opportunities in this healthy market.

As part of its leadership conference in London this May, the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) will be hosting a pre-conference seminar in collaboration with The International School Consultancy to provide crucial advice for UK independent schools considering international opportunities.

In addition to sessions from experts in a range of fields including law, recruitment and international partnerships, the seminar will also include presentations by senior leaders of Sherborne Qatar and Haileybury Kazakhstan who will share the challenges and opportunities of establishing their UK independent school brands overseas.

The one-day seminar will take place at the InterContinental Hotel – The O2 in Greenwich, London on Saturday 7th May 2016. Cost is £195 plus VAT per person.

Places can be booked online through COBIS or contact Liz Dixon at 01367 246009 for more information.


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