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TeenTech Surrey inspires techie teens

TeenTech, the initiative aiming to inspire teenagers to consider careers in Science, Technology and Engineering, came to Guildford on 15th November

Posted by Julian Owen | November 26, 2017 | Events

Approximately 300 Year 8 students from 31 schools from across the county attended TeenTech Surrey, giving them the opportunity to take part in an expert panel session and look at a variety of exhibiting companies.

A poll of students at the end of the event revealed:

 - 72% were interested in pursuing a career in Science, Engineering or Technology, as opposed to 49% in the morning

 - 87% agreed that meeting real engineers and scientists and taking part in challenges helped them to understand more about the subjects

 - Over 50% of those attended were female

Leading scientists, engineers and technologists from 35 global, regional and start-up companies brought leading-edge technology to show attendees. From 3-D printing to cyber security, forensics to world class scientific research, the event showcased the range of opportunities in a fast-changing career landscape.

Students were encouraged to think of ideas to help make life better in the future, using technology. There will be an additional opportunity for students to take their ideas forward via the TeenTech Awards.

Maggie Philbin, CEO of TeenTech, said: “As you might expect I’m a big fan of technology and its capacity to make a difference to our lives. I want young people to both understand the many career opportunities at different entry points and to have confidence in their own potential to enjoy being part of this world.”

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